When I drink Green2o and the Liv SXinney Max, I notice a significant increase in my energy levels. Taking a packet or two of the Crave in the evening helps me control my night time munchies. I always have a bottle of Serezen in my purse and on my counter at home. It does an amazing job at calming my nerves & anxiety.


I was able to cure my long time diet soda addiction. I lost 5 inches in 3 months by just adding Liv SXinney to my daily regimen! 


It seems that I have a new favorite LIV product every month. The first month it it was SereZen. It made a significant difference for me during our fall media tour.  The days during that week are usually hectic and stressful. Using SereZen helped make it enjoyable. Green2o changed my life by moving me away from junk food and energy beverages. GO Nitrimax is currently changing my entire workout.  I have never had results like the ones I am getting now despite the fact that I have always worked out.  I dropped from a 36" to a 34" waist within 3 months. Clenz T is the most mild cleanse I have ever experienced. I have never prevented seasonal illness like I have with BLoX.  I haven't even had sniffles this year. 

With results like these I can't wait to see what my new favorite LIV product will be. 

Thanks LIV International!


After giving my one year old Green2O, she started pooping regularly; her mood improved and she was no longer throwing up from being dehydrated.  Besides all of this, she loves the taste! My road rage has significantly decreased after using Serezen in the car while driving. If I don't remember to use it, my kids remind me. They love the effect it has on me, I love how calm it makes me and I am sure the other drivers love it too. Helping my kids with their homework used to be a struggle.  Now we all spray our Serezen, sit down, and start to tackle homework.  Somehow, it helps them focus and feel confident.  They get it done quicker and have a better attitude.


After using Crave for one week, I noticed a significant decrease of my belly fat! Overnight, my after pains from childbirth were dramatically reduced after drinking Go Nitromax! I keep SereZen in my purse, diaper bag and next to my bed to keep my kids and I calm and focused. Green2O helps me curb my sugar cravings!